Myson Technology, Inc. incorporated in San Jose, California, U.S.A. in July 1990.

   Headquarters relocated to Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan in July 1991.

   Ethernet Coaxial Transceiver market share reached WW#1, the market share is up to 90%

    of the worldwide and as an important   provider for 3COM, HP, D-Link.



   Issued & listed on Taiwan OTC in Sep. 1996.

   OSD for CRT monitor market share reached WW#1.The market share is up to 33%

    of worldwide market.

   Introduced 10 /110 Mbit Ethernet solution.

   Myson was recognized and certified as ISO 9001:2000 compliant in July 2000.



   Embedded Flash MCU for LCD monitor over 5KK/Month; WW#1

   Yulon Group become a share holder in March 2001, the same year in October and merged with

    Century Technology Inc., changed its name to "Myson Century, INC.".

   Obtained USB-IF High Speed Certification for Mass Storage Solution.

   TFT-LCD driver product cumulated shipment exceeded 2KK in June 2003.

   Introduced Fiber Optics solutions. 

   Single-chip VoIP solution went into production.

   Achieved #1 USB IDE Bridge Controller market share in Mainland China.



   155M TIA cumulated shipment exceeded 10KK; WW#1

   Introduced automotive MCU with CAN bus.

   Introduced MCU with CEC capability and Auto Instrument Panel controller.

   Shipped a single-chip solution of network voice for home gateway to China Mobile via FiberHome.



   Introduced 1.25G TIA and 3-in-1 Driver; Graphics OSD.

   Graphic OSD Controller for Car PC and Car AV

   Introduced HDMI CEC MCU



   Introduced BLDC & PMSM solutions for motor applications.

   Development of Intelligent Touch Key User Interface Module for Vehicle.

   Introduced 2.5G MCU solution for EPON and GPON application.

   Introduced PMSM control solution and inverter compressor control solution for industrial

    air- condition.

   Introduced BLDC solutions for the application of hand-held power tool.

   Touch-Key module went into production in Luxgen M7.

   Myson was recognized and certified as ISO/TS 16949:2009 compliant in Oct. 2014.



  Introduced 8 bit Flash MCU for general purpose application: CS8963、CS8964、CS8967A、


  For ASIC promotion, development and verification of first generation product had been

   completed for customer.

  Introduced automotive touch key device for Donfeng Yulong LUXGEN U7.

  Introduced automotive touch key device for Donfeng Yulong LUXGEN M7.

  Invested Zavio INC. about 81% stock share in December 2015, as a major shareholder.

    ZAVIO aims at making IP cameras and surveillance solutions.

  Invested Silicon Leader, INC. in March 2016, Silicon offers variety of MCU application and total


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