Optical Network
CS6717 is a low noise trans-impedance amplifier designed for 1.25Gbps fiber optical applications. In typical applications, it is connected to a PIN type photo diode, and amplifies the photo current into a differential voltage output.

CS6717 uses advanced CMOS process and achieves typical input sensitivity of -32dBm. And with AGC control, the typical overload limit is at +4dBm. CS6717 uses discrete AGC circuits that minimize the input circuit components to achieve lower noise and higher sensitivity.


CS6717 also include on-chip decoupling capacitors for both PINK and VCC that can reduce TO assembly configurations. There is also monitor output that mirrors the photo diode current, and the output can be selectable current sink or current source output.




  3.3V operation


  50 K-Ohm differential trans-impedance gain


  1000MHz bandwidth


  -32dBm optical sensitivity


  +4dBm overload


  On-chip PINK (600pF) and VCC (1100pF) decoupling capacitor




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